Principal - Bryan Holladay

Bryan Holladay has been solving problems in Charlotte for the last two decades. Along the way he has built relationships, gained perspective and established trust.

He started his career in Human Resources and at the age of twenty-five was one of the youngest Human Resource Directors in the State of North Carolina. He has experience and industry knowledge in hospitality, multifamily and real estate development.

Bryan has worked on all sides of politics: campaigns, policy and advocacy. He also has an extensive background in marketing and communication; assisting organizations, non-profits and corporations in messaging, marketing and relationship management. He specializes in helping organizations reach people, build relationships and grow expectations.

Bryan Holladay is a proud graduate of the University of Colorado Business School where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.


The CLT Public Relation’s team understands the “power of partners” and that no single organization can be an expert in all disciplines. That is why we utilize a Network of Partners. Our Network of Partners allows CLT Public Relations to be creative, adaptable, economical and exceptional in our work.


CLT Public Relation is always on the lookout for talent. Whether you want to join our team, be a part of our Network of Partners or just have a conversation and a cup of coffee – connect with us.