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Lobbying & Advocacy

Offering traditional lobbying services for the city of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, surrounding municipalities and the Carolinas.

Municipal Government

  • Meeting Monitoring 

  • Policy Discussion 

  • Written Summarizations

  • Ordinance Reviews 

  • Issue Advocacy Work 

  • Grassroots Outreach

Real Estate Development

  • Zoning Ordinances and Entitlements 

  • Re-zoning and New Development 

  • Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Rewrite 

  • County Code Enforcement 

  • North Carolina Building Code 

Housing Industry

  • Minimum Housing Code 

  • Apartment/Multifamily  

  • Solid Waste Services

  • Affordable Housing 

  • Landlord Tenant

  • Fair Housing  



Public Affairs

Providing informational meetings, seminars, newsletters and legislative updates on state/local public affairs issues and concerns.

Trade Association Management

  • Legislative Agenda Administration

  • Authoring Whitepapers 

  • Membership/Committee Meetings  

  • Policy and Political Updates 

  • Lobby Day and Conference Coordination 

CrisIs Management

  • Proactive Crisis Planning 

  • Reactive Crisis Management 

  • Press Communication Strategy 

  • Social Media Monitoring 

  • Reputation Marketing 

Communications & Messaging

  • Speaker and Presentation Training 

  • Public Speaking Coaching 

  • Strategic Messaging

  • Digital/Social Media Advertising 

  • Print and Publication Communication 



Professional Networking

Connecting and introducing clients to the appropriate influencers and decision makers. Coordinating, planning and conducting political-themed meetings, conferences and social events.

2020 GOP Convention

  • Event Planning and Coordination

  • Offsite Meeting/Party Organizing 

  • Logistic Management 

  • City of Charlotte Expert/Liaison  

Relationship Building

  • Professional Networking

  • Meeting Coordination 

  • Strategic Association

  • Historical Perspective 

Meeting CoordinatioN

  • Public Policy Meetings and Events 

  • Legislative Strategy Sessions 

  • Political/Professional Round Tables  

  • Elected Official Meet and Greets 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What does a lobbyist do?

The State of North Carolina defines Lobbying as: a) Influencing or attempting to influence legislative or executive action, or both, through direct communication or activities with a designated individual b) Developing goodwill through communications or activities, including the building of relationships with the intention of influencing current or future legislative.

The State of South Carolina defines Lobbyist as: any person who is employed, appointed, or retained by another person to influence by direct communication with public officials or public employees.

Simply stated, a Lobbyist is a professional who understands how the process of government works and establishes relationships with elected leaders and government officials using their skillset to assist individuals or organizations with their efforts to solve or prevent problems.

+ What is a local lobbyist?

Technically, in the Carolinas there is no official designation or registration for a local lobbyist. A local lobbyist is a professional who assists individuals or organizations with managing local government related matters. Ordinances, regulations, red tape and bureaucracy can be confusing, time consuming and costly. Lobbying services at the local government level genuinely centers on assisting individuals or organizations in their interactions with the different aspects of the government process. Having a professional assist in the connecting, explaining and navigating of local government is valuable.

+ Are lobbyists sinister characters?

Lawyers, used car salesmen, landlords, developers, politicians and lobbyists often get a bad rap in movies and books. However, there is nothing sinister or illegal in lobbying, being a lobbyist or employing lobbying services. In fact, lobbyists help give lawmakers perspective and insight. Of course, as in all professions, there are those who abide by a standard of ethics and those who disgrace the system.

+ Do lobbyists create laws?

There is a misnomer that lobbyists write and pass legislation and regulations. Elected officials write and pass legislation. Lobbyists are experienced professionals who assist in connecting those who write and pass legislation with those who are impacted by the legislation. Lobbyists assist in the process where needed, being the connection between those who work inside the government and those who work outside the government.

+ Do I need to hire a lobbyist?

No. We have an open forum of government. Anyone can lobby or advocate on their own behalf to elected leaders and government officials. Generally, at the local level, people serve as their own lobbyists: neighborhoods fighting a rezoning, PTA’s opposing new school boundary lines or small businesses resisting new regulatory standards or fees. There is great benefit in the navigation of an experienced professional because this process can be time consuming and confusing.

+ Why should I hire a Local Lobbyist?

Hiring a local professional to solve local problems is always a better strategy than hiring people from out of town. Lobbying services are built on three components: knowledge of the process, established relationships and historical perspective. Partnering with a local professional gives an individual or organization a better advocate in the process.

+ Does CLT Public Relations do Lobbying work at the State Capital?

Yes and No. Our expertise and focus is at the municipal level. However, we have established relationships, as part of our network of partners, with firms in Raleigh and Columbia, SC. It is not unusual for local issues to become statewide problems. On occasion, local issues can best be resolved through state legislation. This is why we have strong partners at the state level who are part of our team, providing options and resources to our clients.

+ What does a Lobbyist cost?

There are different ways to structure services. It could be as simple as a onetime consultation or contracting for a suite of services. Before we can present a solution, we need to understand your situation. Contact us to set up a consultation.

+ Do you only do Lobbying work?

No. Lobbying and advocacy are just one aspect of our public relations services. Check out our full scope of services.

+ How do I get started?

The best way to start is a conversation and a cup of coffee. Let’s schedule a time.