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Last week, Charlotte Public Relations officially launched.

Joke of This Week


Newsletters can be boring, but jokes are fun. 

The video is two minutes long, but a good joke is all about timing.
Also, it is the  Joke Of This Week. (I am not posting a joke every week.)



What exactly does CLT Public Relations do?

The website has this answer. You will also find the FAQ section on lobbyists,  my bio and our company's expertise. 

Longleaf Politics


Andrew Dunn - Did good work profiling the lobbying services our company provides. Check it out and sign up for his newsletter Longleaf Politics.

Client Spotlight


By now everyone in Mecklenburg County should have received their new property values. You had 30 days upon receiving your new values to file for an informal appeal. That time period has past but email me Bryan@NCREVAL.com and we can try to get you an extension on the informal appeal. Or, explain the options for filing an formal appeal to the board of equalization.  

Thirty Five percent is the estimated magic number. It is expected that those  who had a  35% increase or less may have a decline in property taxes.

Two of our commercial real estate clients just received over a $16,000,000 reduction in their 2019 assesment value. This is an annual tax savings of over $175,000. 

For more information contact Bryan@NCREVAL.com or Bryan@CLTPR.com 

In Conclusion 

Here are the three things you need to know

1) There is a new North Carolina Building Codewe can help with this.
2) There is soon to be a new Transit Oriented Development zone: we can help with that.
3) The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has evolved : we can explain this.

Bryan Holladay