Charlotte's Land Development One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

A proactive, responsive and customer-friendly land development services culture aligned to serve the needs of its various customer groups, working collaboratively to achieve outcomes.
— - Charlotte Land Development

Charlotte Land Development’s New Customer Services Center

April 8,2019 Deputy Planning Director, Alyson Craig, presented on the new Development Services Center, a One-Stop Shop for Charlotte Land Development. This new customer service center will have a reset approach to customer service and will be collaborative, incorporating 5 departments with 5 directors. The grand opening is scheduled for November and will be located one the 1stfloor of the Government Center. Shannon Frye will oversee the operation and Nan Peterson is the new Business Relations Manager. Nan will focus on building relationships with the development community. 

While the name, logo and branding are in the works the objective is: Simplify, Educate, and Establish Accountability

CLT Public Relations Development Services

CLT Public Relations can help navigate the complex process of Charlotte Development and North Carolina Building Code. We can help with the land development process, saving you time, reducing cost overruns and simplify the process.  We have an expert team to ready to assist.

Your time is too valuable for you to be stuck in the process.

Our Services Include:

  • Zoning Consultation 

  • Development Liaison

  • Preliminary Review 

  • Code Expeditor  


Let’s schedule time for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

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