Firestop Special Inspections (NCSBC 1705.17)

Effective January 1, 2019: the 2018 North Carolina State Building Code requires certification of Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints; affecting all applicable projects submitted under the 2018 NCSBC, regardless of submittal date. 

The 2018 North Carolina State Building Code Change: 

The new section, 1705.17 contains a new requirement for Special Inspections of fire resistance penetrations and joints. For high rise buildings and buildings that have a risk category III or IV.

New Process for Inspection 

These types of Special Inspections deal with through penetrations and membrane penetrations of fire stop systems, as well as fire-resistant joint systems and perimeter fire barrier systems. Those being most critical in maintaining fire resistive integrity or fire-resistance rated construction include: fire walls, fire barriers, fire partitions, smoke barriers, and horizontal assemblies.

Special Inspections (SI) 

Designated Special Inspectors (DSI) are Registered Design Professionals employed by a Special Inspection Firm (SPF) and must be contracted directly by the Owner. The SPF is retained by the Owner and approved by the County Code Department to perform Special Inspections. Authorized Special Inspectors (ASI) must be employed by a SPF and supervised by the DSI.  

Just for Fun with Acronyms

Owners who hire an ASI for SI work must contract through a SFP who employs a DSI.    

When illustrating the inspections on construction plans use IT-19 box labeled Special Cases. You can list the specific code section 1705.17 and designate Fire Penetrations and Joints. 

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Special Inspections Professionals

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