The Power of Being in the Right Room

Vision. strategy. Results.

Before you can think outside the box you need to understand what is inside the box. We are experts in Charlotte politics. We develop precision strategy through local lobbying services, public affairs management and professional networking within the greater Charlotte region. 

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Our services

We create strategic, influential messages for influential people.
Lobbying with a grassroots approach for results at the local level. 
Building relationships and establishing reputations within the community for long term solutions.

Advocacy & Lobbying

Offering traditional lobbying services for the city of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, surrounding municipalities and the Carolinas.

Public Affairs

Providing informational meetings, seminars, newsletters and legislative updates, on state/local public affairs issues and concerns.

Professional networking

Connecting and introducing clients to the appropriate influencers and decision makers. Coordinating, planning and conducting political-themed meetings, conferences and social events.


Our Expertise


Real Estate Development


“Location, Location, Location” is the popular cliché for Real Estate; however, “Time is money” is the cliché that is most frustrating. We bring efficiency to the process, from property entitlements to obtaining a certificate of occupancy. Providing clarity to the confusion, from the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to Building Code Amendments.

Association Management


Advocacy work, legislative agendas, whitepaper authoring and policy updates are essential work for Trade Associations. We provide third party services to help associations manage their Government Affairs Department.

2020 Charlotte Convention


Charlotte is the host city for the 2020 Republican National Convention. We can provide event services for industry groups, trade associations or political organizations wanting to conduct meetings coinciding with the events. 

Apartments and Multifamily Housing


Multifamily is complicated because it is both residential and commercial at the same time. Multifamily is complicated because it consists of property owners, management companies and residents. We understand that multifamily is complicated and why multifamily is complicated. We have extensive multifamily experience and are experts in advocacy, policy and strategy.

Crisis Messaging


Every company needs a PR plan, they also need a crisis management plan. We provide strategy, messaging and campaigns to help those in the hospitality industry stay relevant and front of mind. We have resources to create a proactive plan for crisis management.

Communication & Messaging


Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking and Thaasophobia is the fear of boring people, but regardless of your speaking skill level we can help improve your message and your presentation skills. We provide public speaking training, presentation coaching and strategic messaging.