TOD Consultation

Transit Oriented Development (TOD): is a land use zoning district that is located around public transportation stations. It encourages high-density development by incorporating commercial, residential and office into a compact urban oriented development plan.

CLT Public Relations can assist landowners who are voluntarily or involuntary transitioning their property to a TOD zoning. We provide landowners with Land-Use Advocacy, Property Analysis and Development Evaluation. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in the TOD Zoning process.

Land-Use Advocacy

When municipalities expand their public transportation infrastructure, they often encourage TOD zoning districts to replace the current zoning district. This zoning change can happen through a voluntary, corrective, or alignment rezoning process. Having a land-use advocate is beneficial in understanding how these zoning changes impact property values, entitlements, and nonconforming land-uses.

Property Analysis

Understanding the environmental and regulatory limitations a property has is essential in realizing the properties true value and development opportunity. Additionally, evaluating how a property relates to surrounding properties is important for being aware of development opportunities in the area. A property analysis gives a full, in-depth perspective of an individual property and provides insight into how that property can be assembled with the surrounding properties.

Development Evaluation

Zoning districts set the legal land-use opportunities and limitations for new development, redevelopment and development expansion. When a zoning district changes, the property development opportunities are expanded or reduced. Having a development evaluation on a property parcel that has a zoning change is valuable for the property owner in understanding what the impact of these changes mean.